Monday, April 2, 2007

Warhawk PS3

The first next Generation PS3 game that I worked on was "Warhawk". Developing on a next generation platform like the PS3 had a lot of challenges. Warhawk was one of the very first games to be developed on the new console. The process was very different from what I have done in the past. Instead of having an entire level that I am in charge of we have had to create sort of an assembly line approach. The images that I am showing have had various things done to them by team members. My main involvent was to help generate shaders and apply them. I was also in charge of the lighting of Warhawk. We used light maps to generate our lighting so it was an enourmous task. I also had modeling tasks of various builidings and terrain so I was a very busy guy. I think that Warhawk turned out to be a very fun and exciting game to work on. I hope that everyone enjoys these images of Warhawk.


North Town Buildings 01

North Town Buildings 02

North Town Buildings 03

North Town Buildings 04

North Town Buildings 05