Friday, September 1, 2006

Twisted Metal Black "Harbor City"

I had a chance to work on one of the coolest car combat franchises of all time "Twisted Metal" I have a couple of screen grabs of my work while I was employed at Incognito. I had a blast working on this title for the PS2. I hope that you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed creating them for the game. My involvement in the images that I am posting consist of creating the models, painting and applying the texture maps and lighting the scenes. All though this game was put on hold it was and still is one of my most amazing experiences as an artist creating video games.

The "Insane Asylum Escape" Medical Lab

The "Insane Asylum Escape" Control Room

The "Insane Asylum Escape" Pit, Boiler Room, Kitchen

The "Insane Asylum Escape" Hallways, Holding Cells

The "Insane Asylum Escape" Various Rooms For Asylum Staff

The "Impound Lot" Garage

The "Impound Lot" Impound Junk Yard_01

The "Impound Lot" Impound Junk Yard_02

The "Dance Lounge"

The "Downtown District_01"

The "Downtown District_02"

The "Downtown District_03"

The "Stadium" Demolition Derby

The "Ghetto" Motel, Industrial District